Giving & Serving

Every year, literally hundreds of volunteers staff our camps and retreats. All of our volunteers are carefully screened to ensure the safety of our campers and the quality of our programs. For more information about volunteer opportunities at Camp, click here.


In an effort to make Camp's programs affordable and available to everyone, camper fees cover only about 60% of the cost of operations. The balance is funded by the voluntary donations of individuals and churches. Here are some specific ways you can be financially involved in this life-giving and life-changing ministry:

Year-End Capital Campaign

Year-end giving accounts for almost half of the funding for Camp's operations account. Our "500 Club" is a growing group of individuals that give at the end of each year to sustain the Camp's general fund.


Click here to become a contributor to the Year-End Capital Campaign!

Special Project Capital Campaigns

From time to time we request financial assistance toward a specific project. Previous capital projects have included the Chapel construction, staff cabins, a new cistern, electrical system upgrades, the rock wall, Summit Lodge, Northwoods Lodge, Canyon Lodge, and the dining room expansion.


Click here to contribute to our current capital project!

Staff Scholarship Fund

Every year at the end of the summer we try to give monetary help to college-aged staff members who have served for three weeks or more to help with college expenses. Staff Scholarships are funded solely by the contributions of individuals and churches who want to see quality young people serving our campers.


Click here to contribute to the Staff Scholarship Fund!

Campership Fund

When we are asked for help with registration fees, we attempt to ascertain the need and encourage each one to contribute as much as they are able, yet we try to make sure no one stays away from Camp simply because they can't afford to be here. Each year we receive requests for over $90,000 in assistance.


Click here to contribute to the Campership Fund!

Year-Round Staff Support

Our staff are paid a monthly salary equal to about 60% of their actual needs. They are asked to raise support to cover the balance of their income.


Would you prayerfully consider being a part of the team that covers these costs? For your convenience we can assist donors through the Automatic Contribution Program. For Colorado residents, there is added incentive to donate to Camp Elim.


Click here to support the year-round staff!

Child Care Contribution Credit

Your gift is fully tax-deductible!


Colorado residents: Your gift received by December 31st qualifies for the Colorado Childcare Contribution Credit.  Every $100 you give to Camp may reduce your Colorado income tax bill in future years by $50!

Promotional Information

If you would like to receive additional brochures and/or promotional videos for your church, school, or community please contact us. We are happy to come in person to promote Camp to your friends or we can send you the information directly!