The Land Exchange

The view of Pikes Peak from the newly acquired property!

For 57 years, Camp Elim leased 16 acres of land from the USDA Forest Service.  We owned the buildings on the property, but not the property itself.  Though we have long been interested in acquiring the property, the Forest Service does not sell land outright.


In order to acquire Forest Service land, it is necessary to conduct a "land exchange." The process entails acquiring other privately-owned land that the Forest Service wants and then trading one property for another. The land exchanged must be of equal value, determined to serve the public interest, and preferably be located within the same forest.

In 1993, Camp's board of Directors began investigating a land exchange in order to secure Camp's capital investments. In 2005, we engaged the services of an organization in Denver that specializes in land exchanges and joined a joint venture with other parties hoping to complete their own land exchanges.


Since that time, there have been many years of paperwork, negotiations, waiting, praying, fundraising, and disappointment, as anticipated closing dates were pushed from one year to the next.

We are overjoyed to announce that on October 31st, 2017, Camp Elim closed on the land exchange. We own the buildings and the land!  Not only do we now own the 16 acres Camp has leased for almost six decades; we also own additional land across the road, totaling 57.14 acres.


Though we have labored alongside many wonderful people in this process, it was the Lord that brought it to fruition. We sought after this land for His glory; we want Camp Elim to be a place where the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ is taught and proclaimed for generations to come. To God be the glory!

Site Planning

Here are just some of the ideas we have been playing with as we plan for the future land use!

The Orange Line outlines the land we leased for 57 years.

The Red Line outlines the land we acquired in 2017!

1. Lodge

2. Education Building

3. Yurt Village

4. Treehouse Village

5. Caretakers Cottage

6. Swing by Choice

7. Climbing Wall/Zip Line

8. Warming Gazebo

9. New Dining Hall