Uncle Charley's

Uncle Charley's Country Store, previously located in the Rec Shelter, has been moved to Teller Hall! Uncle Charley's sells Camp Elim souvenirs, like T-shirts, mugs, and stuffed animals (to name a few); though our summer campers know it best as the place to get candy, soda, and ICEEs during free time!

Thank you to the men and women who spent so many hours on the store to make it look this incredible!

Uncle Charley's Country Store is so named for an invaluable staff member from the early days of Camp Elim. Uncle Charley ran the Camp store, rang the bell, and shared the love of Jesus Christ with all the boys and girls that came through Camp's gates. His legacy lives on today not only by the name of our store, but through his family that still participates at Camp.

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