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The Lodge

The Lodge is always a hub of activity at Camp Elim. Inside is the kitchen, the dining room, staff offices, and the game room.  It can also house up to 36 campers and counselors.


The Lodge is one of the oldest buildings at Camp Elim. Originally built in 1942, it is one of the few buildings purchased in 1960 that still stands today. It has seen many renovations over the years, including digging a basement beneath the Lodge in 1970, and refinishing the exterior in 2014.

In 2017, the Dining Room was expanded by renovating the Lodge South bedrooms.

A cabin within the Lodge.

The game room.

The new dining room space.

The original dining room, with the new expansion visible on the left.


The Chapel

Complete with audio visual equipment, fireplace, and beverage bar, the Chapel is a space used for worship, teaching, and other large-audience events. It is also used for indoor games, when it is too cold or rainy for outdoor activities. The Chapel can seat up to 160 people.  The Chapel was built in 2000.


Teller Hall, in the lower level of the Chapel, was completed in 2013.  It can be used as overflow or for other games, crafts, activities, and events.  Teller Hall has its own kitchen, and, as of 2016, is also home to Uncle Charley's Country Store and the Crafts Store!

The exterior of the Chapel.

Uncle Charley's Country Store, located in Teller Hall

The inside of the Chapel.

Teller Hall, in the lower level of the Chapel.


Canyon Lodge

Canyon Lodge can accommodate up to 36 campers and counselors across three dorms (which can be separated into six bedrooms). Each bedroom includes a queen-sized bed and five twin beds to better host families. All bathrooms are private, and one is handicap-accessible. Canyon Lodge also hosts a water bottle filling station and a covered porch complete with two Carpetball tables!

Canyon Lodge replaces our old Rec Shelter, which was for many years where Chapel sessions were held. The Rec Shelter was also home to Uncle Charley's Country Store and the Arts & Crafts Shop.

The building was completed in May of 2018, just in time for our Memorial Day Family Camp. Good thing, because we had filled those rooms in faith!

Inside Canyon Lodge


Summit Lodge

Summit Lodge is a building of dormitory-style lodging that can fit up to 52 campers and counselors.  It includes one handicap-accessible room.


Summit Lodge is a renovation of what was formally the East Dorm.  East Dorm was one of the buildings included in Camp's original purchase in 1960, and Summit Lodge was completed in 2009.

A dividable room within Summit Lodge.


Northwoods Lodge

Northwoods Lodge consists of dormitory-style lodging that houses 32 beds.  It includes one handicap-accessible room.


Northwoods Lodge is also home to Eagle's Nest, a cozy meeting space for adult retreats.


After seeing the transformation of the East Dorm, an anonymous donor saw fit to ensure the same sort of remodel took place for the North Dorm!  The North Dorm was included in Camps original purchase in 1960, and construction finished on Northwoods Lodge in 2010.

The Eagle's Nest meeting space.

A room inside Northwoods Lodge.


The Guest House

The Guest House, located behind the Lodge, was added to Camp in the 1960's. It includes semi-private accommodations, and is used to house staff in the summertime, and Gap students during the school year.  The Infirmary is located on the north side of the Guest House.


The Duplexes

Private accommodations are available by way of the Duplexes.  The two Duplexes were constructed in the early 1990's for staff housing and adult retreats.

Inside one of the Duplexes.


The Yurt

The Yurt is a circular tent that can be used for lodging or as a meeting space.


The Yurt is seasonal and is not available during the winter.

Inside the Yurt.


The Teepee

The Teepee is used for Honor Cabin.  During summer camps, Honor Cabin is awared to the cabin groups that keep their cabins cleanest, line up fastest and straightest, and go that extra mile for other campers.  In Honor Cabin, campers can stay up a little later and enjoy making s'mores!

Inside the Teepee.


Camp Office

Office - 1.jpg

Formerly the Caretaker's Cottage, the Camp Office was among the buildings purchased in 1960, and it has been well-maintained in the years since. This building is now home to Camp Elim's main office as well as many of the staff offices!

Staff Housing

The Boy's Staff Dorm


Constructed in the 1960's alongside the Guest House, this building is used to house non-counseling male staff in the summer season, and Gap students during the school year.

The Mobile


When Karen Daniel joined the staff as Food Service Supervisor in 1989, she brought the Mobile to Camp to be her home. When she left Camp, she graciously donated the Mobile to Camp as staff housing.

The Staff Cabins


Four Staff Cabins were constructed in 2003 to accommodate the needs of the growing year-round staff.  As the staff continued to grow, two of the cabins were expanded in 2015.