Summer Camps

Get ready for an Epic Adventure...

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NOTE: Registration for the 2021 Summer season is now closed.
Check back soon for summer 2022 information!

To view dates for our 2022 Summer season, visit our calendar page.

True heroes are hard to find!

Actors, athletes, and even comic book action figures compete for our attention. But these dazzling stars quickly fade, and few are really worth the attention they receive.

On the other hand, the Bible is full of the accounts of ordinary men and women (boys and girls, too) that had great adventures in faith. One chapter of the Bible, Hebrews 11, tells of many of these heroes. We learn about people like Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses, who “through faith conquered kingdoms, enforced justice, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the power of fire, escaped the edge of the sword…”

But these heroes are just the beginning! This story is still being written!

Hebrews 11:39-40 tells us “these were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.” We have the opportunity to be counted among these heroes – people living by faith in a world that desperately needs to have its attention pointed to the One who is the object of our faith. 2021 marks Camp Elim’s 61st year of introducing boys and girls to Jesus through our licensed child-care program. Under the guidance of our highly trained and well supervised staff, your child will come away equipped to live lives of faith and begin their own epic adventures!

Let the epic adventures…continue!


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SimulCamp is a week of camp with two separate and distinct programs running simultaneously: one for grade school campers (grades 3-6) and one for middle school campers (grades 6-8). Housing, chapels, and activities will all be separated by age group. For parents with students in both age ranges, that means you only have to make the drive to Camp once this summer!

Grades 3-6 / Grades 6-8

July 25-30


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Grade School Camps

Grade School Camps are for boys and girls going into grades 3-6 in the fall.

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Camp Elim offers a well-rounded program of fun and excitement conducted in an atmosphere of genuine love and individual care.  Through interactive games and chapel sessions, our campers learn a variety of life-skills with an emphasis on spiritual values. 

Grade School 1: June 27-July 2

Grade School 2A (Summer Retreat): July 11-13

Grade School 3: August 1-6


$220/half-week retreat


Middle School Camps

Middle School Camps are for boys and girls going into grades 6-8 in the fall.

Middle School Camps have all the fun of the Camp experience while teaching valuable skills that will enable the campers to face the rigors of life as a teenager.

Middle School 1: June 20-25

Middle School 2: July 4-9

Middle School 3: July 18-23


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Varsity Camp

Varsity Camp is for those going into grades 9-12 in the fall.

Varsity Camp is an action-packed week filled with exciting adventures, outrageous laughter, and compelling teaching. Campers will enjoy the variety of activities and are certain to make life-long friends. Outstanding speakers, group discussion, and passionate worship make Chapel times a highlight for many of our Varsity campers. This Camp can sneak up on you, so don't wait to get registered!

June 13-18


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CoWorkers is for students going into grades 9-10 in the fall.

CoWorkers is an opportunity for young men and women to learn about being on staff at Camp Elim through on-the-job training.  Campers will also delve deep into God's Word, play hard, and make strong, lifelong friendships. Click here to learn more!

CoWorkers 1: July 4-9

CoWorkers 2: July 18-23



High School Trail Camp

Trail Camp is for students going into grades 9-12 in the fall.

Trail Camp is a week-long backpacking adventure in the Colorado Rockies.  As campers explore God's creation, they will also spend time exploring His Word and His will for their lives.  Click here to learn more!

August 1-6



Adventure Bound

Adventure Bound is for students going into grades 9-12 in the fall.

Adventure Bound is an exciting week-long excursion, and every year is different!  The adventures could include mountain biking, river rafting, rappelling... You'll just have to come to find out!  The week will definitely contain teaching, worship, and time alone with God in His marvelous creation. Click here to learn more!

June 27-July 2



Bring-A-Friend Discount

Bring a friend who has never been to camp before and you each save $40. For each additional new camper that you bring, you save another $40!

Note: If your church is coming as a group you are not eligible for this discount. 

Check with your group coordinator for discount information.


Sunday Check-In

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, our check-in and check-out procedures may differ slightly from the procedure listed below. Keep an eye out for emails from our office as your camp date approaches for more information about this year's procedures, and feel free to contact our ofice if you have any questions! Please note that all campers must complete a 14-day health screening prior to arrival at Camp. Our at-home health screening form can be downloaded on our COVID-19 page.

Our drive-through check in will be available from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm on Sunday afternoon. Please do not expect to check-in before then. If you must arrive after 5:00 pm, please call ahead to make arrangements. Please enter at the upper entrance and follow signs for drive-through check in. Staff will be stationed along the check-in route to direct you to where you need to go! Once parked in the parking lot, one parent may accompany the camper/campers to their cabin to meet their counselor and get settled in. Please note that check in and check out are mask-required times! All persons entering camp grounds beyond the parking lot will be temp screened and required to wear a face covering. For more information on our current approved COVID operating plan, visit our COVID-19 resources page.

*Adventure Bound registration is at 2:00-2:45 pm*

*High School Trail Camp registration is at 2:00 pm*


To speed up the check-in process, please submit all of the following items to Camp at least 2 weeks before your camp begins:


  • Balance of the registration fee

  • Spending money

  • Completed Health Form & Camper Information Form

  • Picture/DVD purchase (optional)


Please bring your Meds and Medication Authorization Form with you and be ready to turn these in to the medical staff during our drive-through check in.

Friday Check-Out

Camp ends on Friday evening at 6:30 pm. Arrangements for your camper to get a ride home must be noted on the Camper Information Form if you are not planning to come yourself. We are unable to arrange transportation through the Camp Office.

Check out will follow the same route as our drive-through check in. Please enter through the upper entrance and follow signs for drive-through check out. Staff will be stationed along the check-out route to direct you to where you need to go! Once parked in the parking lot, a staff member will page your camper/campers, and a counselor will escort them to the parking lot to meet you at your car. Alternatively, one parent may enter camp to meet your camper/campers at their cabin if desired. Please note that check in and check out are mask-required times! All persons entering camp grounds beyond the parking lot will be temp screened and required to wear a face covering. For more information on our current approved COVID operating plan, visit our COVID-19 resources page.

*Adventure Bound pickup is at 6:30 pm*

*High School Trail Camp pickup is at 7:00 pm*


No Pets Please. We know your pets are anxious to see your camper, but please save that reunion for home. Pets are not allowed on camp grounds.


Medications, extra spending money, and media purchases will be available for pick up during our drive-through check out.


What to Pack

*Separate packing lists will be sent out for Trail Camp and Adventure Bound.*

  • two masks

  • shirts or blouses

  • jeans or long pants

  • shorts

  • underwear & socks

  • sweater or jacket

  • good shoes for running activities

  • pajamas

  • pillow & sleeping bag or twin sheets and blanket

  • washcloth & towel

  • swimsuit & beach towel

  • sunscreen

  • toiletries

  • flashlight

  • Bible, notebook & pen/pencil

  • musical instrument (optional)

  • medication - all meds must be turned into the nurse at registration


  • No knives or other weapons

  • No phones - if a camper needs to contact a parent or guardian, they can come to the office

  • No electronics, such as music players or games. Our goal is for campers to "unplug" while they're here and minimize distractions.

What Not to Pack

Cancellation Policy

COVID-19 Policy:

All campers will be required to complete and submit the 14 day pre-camp health screening log for admittance to Camp. The log will be sent upon receipt of your registration, or can be downloaded at Camp Elim’s policy is to make the final determination no later than two weeks before the scheduled camp date regarding cancelling or altering any summer programs. If programs are altered due to civil mandates, registration fees are fully refundable upon written request. Please advise if you would like to receive:


  • a full refund of all registration fees paid

  • a partial refund, transferring part of your registration fees to a tax-deductible donation

  • transfer of all of your registration fees to become a tax-deductible donation. For donors living in the state of Colorado, your donation qualifies for the Colorado Childcare Contribution Credit which offers up to 50% of your donation as a credit on taxes due when you file your 2021 taxes in 2022. This credit is in addition to the benefit you receive on your federal income taxes as Camp Elim is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.


For more details about Camp Elim’s COVID-19 policies and procedures, visit

Cancellation Policy:

Should a camper registration be cancelled by your choice (not Camp Elim’s program changes) then all but $25 will be refunded if the Camp is notified in writing at least two weeks before the camp begins. If the cancellation is received less than two weeks before the camp begins, all but the $100 registration deposit will be refunded.