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Aerial view of Camp Elim


As a part of the Camp Elim tradition, we encourage all campers and staff members to earn patches during their stay at camp.  Although it is not required, participation is strongly suggested to make the most of your Camp Elim experience.

To earn a patch at Camp Elim, you must meet certain requirements throughout the week.  You may, and are encouraged to start memorizing verses before you arrive at camp.  A glossary of definitions is located at the bottom of this page.  Remember, you are not just earning patches because they look cool, you are improving your knowledge of God, your understanding of His Word and possibly your relationship with God.  So do your best and try to have a good time!

Glossary of Terms

Memory Project:

 The main verses that must be memorized by the end of the week to earn a patch

Craft Project:

A specific arts and crafts project that must be completed by the end of the week as assigned by the arts and crafts director

Two Daily Verses:

At least two of the outlined verses must be completed daily until you have completed a total of 10.

Chapel Notebook:

Quality notes must be taken during each chapel session.

World Records:

Special examples of skill that are timed or counted that have not yet been accomplished at Camp Elim (counselor or staff must witness the record).

Prepare and Present a Devotion:

One must prepare and present a devotional to the cabin during devotion time.

Demonstration of Excellence to Entire Camp:

For example: skits, song leading, demonstration of special talent, etc. (Must be done for entire camp and approved by director).


  1. You may not earn more than two patches per year unless otherwise specified by the Camp Director.

  2. All patch requirements must be met by Friday afternoon (no waiting until the last minute!).

  3. Verses should be presented to your counselor.

  4. Entire memory project must be recited at the same time.

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