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Many people send the staff at Camp words of encouragement, and we take it to heart, because when we hear about their positive Camp experiences, we take that as evidence that the Lord is at work at Camp Elim!

Camper & Parent Feedback

A parent shared that when he asked his daughter if Camp was the highlight of her summer, she responded with: “No, it’s not the highlight of my summer... it’s the highlight of my year!”

The mother of a Varsity camper emailed to say that since her daughter got back from Camp “she has posted about having time to unplug from the world and strengthen her relationship with the Lord... This is such a big deal.  She has always been so afraid to share her relationship with God... you know how teenagers are... and the fact that she is open about it... you all helped do that.  I hope you know that.  What you all do... it isn’t just camp.... it’s not just good food, games and campfires... you are changing these kids lives for the better.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

A mom emailed after Grade School Winter Wonderland to say: “The other reason I wanted to write is to tell you that my son was very excited about the camp.  When my husband was tucking him into bed last night and talking through the weekend, my son expressed a desire to become a Christian and my husband had the privilege of praying with him.  Yahoo for God’s amazing work!!!  Our hearts are so full of thankfulness, and grateful for the gift and place of an incredible home away from home where my boys experience and feel God’s love.  THANK YOU!”

The mother of several of our campers sent a Facebook message that said: “Four of my five kids are being baptized at our home church.  When they were sitting around talking to our youth pastor three of the four of them said they were saved at Camp Elim… It blew me away.”

A parent of a former camper and staff member emailed: “Someone asked me recently what I thought was the most positive spiritual input during our daughter’s growing up years and I told them ‘Camp Elim.’  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do.  It is making a difference in so many lives.”

Guest Group Feedback

A leader from a first-time guest group wrote: “We SO enjoyed being at Camp Elim this last weekend.  Your staff and facilities are all top notch, and we wanted for nothing. With all the details covered, it was so easy to focus on the point of the weekend – the ladies and Jesus. Thank you for that!  I had only very positive feedback from the ladies, and they really enjoyed the time.  I don’t know how you work things out for the schedule for 2017, but it would be great fun to do our next retreat at your place.  Thanks!”

A leader of a new guest group emailed: “We had such an amazing time... I just feel overwhelmed at God’s goodness in allowing us to be there!  You have an exemplary staff, we were treated like royalty by every employee we had contact with... I don’t think I can say that about any place I’ve ever stayed before.  There are a lot of nice people but we felt like you were above ‘nice!’  I don’t know quite how to convey the depths of our appreciation but Thank You for listening and following the Call to, first of all, lead by example and then to train these young people how to have a servant heart and let it influence every interaction with your guests!  It was a pleasure in every way to be there and I cannot wait to come back next year!!”

A leader from a women’s group emailed:  “Your staff did an amazing job of caring for us.  You have a great team that went out of their way to bless us.”

The outdoor education director of a public school in Castle Rock sent this testimonial: “Camp Elim and their staff are terrific. They really know how to relate to the students while maximizing teaching opportunities. Camp Elim is always willing to work with you to create educational courses that fit your student and curriculum needs. I would highly recommend Camp Elim for your outdoor and environmental education requirements.”

A group leader emailed:  “We had an amazing weekend and a lot due to your staff.  They are the most gracious, hard-working and giving people I have ever met.  I don't think the word 'no' or 'can't' is in their vocabulary. Thank you again.  We are already talking about next year!”

The speaker for one of our guest groups wrote this note after their retreat:  “Thank you so much for hosting Discovery’s youth group.  Your staff is simply amazing.  We were so blessed that you would include us in your dinner time and make us feel so welcomed.  As we debriefed on the drive home it was a highlight for both of us.  It’s obvious that you and your staff are family and welcome others as such.  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.”

Staff Feedback

A staff member emailed:  “It has been two years since I first came to Camp, and ever since then, every time I leave, I can't wait to come back. The spiritual encouragement I find every time I come, the encouraging atmosphere, and being surrounded by Christian friends is something I love."

A staff member emailed:  “I would first like to express how much I miss camp. This place changed my life and I think about it all the time!”

A Gap Year graduate and staff member emailed: “I hope every staff member and Gap student understands how much work God is doing in their lives while they are called to serve at camp. Smiling to everyone I passed, loving everyone, and working hard came naturally to me because of the time I spent at camp. Camp is a place where people strive to love and work hard and that has shaped me into the woman I am today.”

A former staff member wrote this note:  “I’d love to come back and serve some day!  Camp Elim was a huge part of my growing up experience and was very influential in my walk with God.  Thanks for making worship fun and full of life!  Thank you again for all of your hard work and for doing your best to love all the kids you serve.  You are in my prayers!”

Your Feedback

Tell us about your experience! We’d love to hear your story! Contact our office by email, or give us a call at (719) 687-2030.

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