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Aerial view of Camp Elim


Camp Elim's high ropes course

High Ropes Course

The High Ropes Course is designed to challenge campers as they overcome obstacles high above the forest floor.  The lower level is over 15 feet off the ground, and the higher level is over 25 feet off the ground.  It only runs when manned by staff certified to facilitate the course.


The High Ropes Course was installed in 2011.

Camp Elim's low ropes course

Low Ropes Course

The Low Ropes Course is a fun alternative to the High Ropes Course for those working their way up to the High Ropes and for those who prefer to live life closer to the ground!


The Low Ropes Course was installed in 2015.

Climbing Wall

The 25-foot-tall Climbing Wall is a popular Camp activity!  Climbers are secured by a hydrolic auto-belay system, so they'll come gently gliding down after their climb.


The Climbing Wall was added to Camp in 2006.  Its purchase was funded in part by a grant from the El Pomar Foundation and the Dave Silver Memorial Fund.

Camp Elim's climbing wall
Camp Elim's pool


Always a summertime favorite, the pool is open for breakout sessions, free time, and games! During Camp's programs, the pool is always manned by certified lifeguards.


The pool was added to Camp Elim in 1962.


The pool is available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Archery Range

What's camp without some archery?  During the summer, the archery range is open for breakout sessions and free time.

Camp Elim's archery range
Camp Elim's tomahawk toss

Tomahawk Toss

Can you stick a bullseye with your tomahawk?  If that's too easy, grab a friend and play Tic-Tac-Toe!


The Tomahawk Toss is not available to grade school campers.

Camp Elim's obstacle course

Obstacle Course

A classic Camp activity, the Obstacle Course is full of fun and unique elements.  In the summer, campers warm up with the Obstacle Course before breakfast! 

Camp Elim's double zipline


Our double zipline is a Camp favorite, and is sure to draw a long line when it's open!

Camp Elim's challenge course

Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is home to many puzzles that require some solid teamwork (and a little courage) to solve.

Canoeing at Manitou Lake


Manitou Lake is just a short drive (or hike) away from Camp Elim, and it is an excellent canoeing spot!  In the summer, we make sure every camper has the opportunity to try this fun and relaxing activity.

Camp Elim's sledding hill


Across the road from Camp Elim, there's a great big hill that's perfect for sledding!  Sledding is a favorite at our Winter Camps. The hill is well-shaded, so there are good sledding conditions at some surprising times of the year!

Plungerball on the sports field

Sports Field

The Camp Elim Sports Field, complete with baseball backstop, has been used for games of softball, kickball, plungerball, steal the bacon, trashcan tag, ultimate frisbee, infiltration, flagpole... just about any game you can think up!

Dodgeball in the sports court

Sports Court

Our lighted Sports Court, equipped with two basketball hoops, has been used for everything from morning calisthenics to games of dodgeball, gaga ball, and broomball.  We've even hosted a hoedown or two at the Sports Court!

...and more!

Other activities include:

  • Nine Square

  • Disc Golf

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Carpetball

  • Game Room

  • Volleyball

...this list could go on for a while! There is no shortage of things to do at Camp Elim, and we are always looking for new games and activities to try!  You'll just have to come experience it all for yourself!

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