The completion of these projects will allow us to turn our attention to our new land across the road! Camp’s staff and board of directors are working to refine the vision and secure necessary government approvals for the additional land acquired through the land exchange. 

The philosophy adopted by the board regarding usage of the new land includes:


  1. Preservation – open space for nature exploration and education with a goal of avoiding over-development

  2. Program – enhancement of existing service opportunities

  3. Expansion – opportunity for adding programs simultaneously to reach more constituents

The primary goal is to provide much-needed open space to explore and enjoy God’s creation. Camp Elim 3.0 will include new adventure elements as well as continued development to the original property, further enhancing and growing the ministry of Camp Elim. New and exciting ideas are regularly discussed by Camp's board and staff for future campaigns.

We are so excited to continue to grow into the blessings the Lord has given us,
but we can't do it on our own. 

Thank you for praying for us, standing with us, and
Completing Camp Elim 2.0: Our Haven for Kids and the Gospel.

new land4.png

The time has come to complete Camp Elim 2.0. We’re so close!

Three projects are at the top of the list:

1. Picnic Pavilion

This covered space in the picnic area provides a protected area for meal times and outdoor activities.

Our Dining Room is currently not large enough to house all of the campers and staff. And, with frequent afternoon rain and thunderstorms, we are in need of covered space for activities. The Chapel currently receives a lot of unneeded wear and tear due to performing double duty: meeting and recreation area.

The Picnic Pavilion was completed during summer 2019! Thank you for your prayers and support!

082919 - Pavilion05.jpg

2. Staff Housing Addition

As the original caretaker’s cottage has been converted to the Camp Office, we are in need of additional housing for year-round staff.


This addition will be added onto one of the existing staff cabins at the west end of Camp's original property. This phase will also include the addition of new water storage tanks, which will allow us 30,000 extra gallons of water for fire suppression purposes. By God's grace, this phase of construction is now fully funded, and we hope to begin construction in the coming months!

(Estimated cost $250,000)

3. Springs Lodge & Gym

This new dorm would replace the camper housing currently located on the north side of the main Lodge. Much like Canyon Lodge replaced the housing that was on the south side of the Lodge, this new space would allow us to accommodate 6-12 more campers each week.


This phase of construction has now been divided into two buildings: Springs Lodge, and a separate gym space. Like Canyon Lodge, Springs Lodge will consist of three summer cabins that could be divided into six private rooms, each with its own bathroom, with a public bathroom on the end to service the high ropes and zip line activity areas. The upper level will provide additional staff housing and communal space, and will serve as dorm living for our GAP Year program participants.

(Springs Lodge estimated cost: $900,000)

The gym and activity center will be housed in a separate building, providing additional indoor space for camp activities. In addition to a gym and activity space, this building will also include additional meeting and classroom space.

(Estimated cost $1,500,000)


Once Springs Lodge is completed, the north end of the Main Lodge would be converted from camper housing to additional kitchen and dining space, similar to the dining space on the south side of the Lodge.


(Estimated cost $75,000)

It is time to bring all of Camp’s lodging facilities to the standard of Summit, Northwoods and Canyon Lodges with smaller, dividable rooms and private bathrooms. This not only provides for child protection, but also increases the number of saleable beds by targeting the ability to house multiple groups at one time in non-summer months.

Each of the previous capital campaigns that have been undertaken over the past ten years have served to not only improve the quality of our facilities but have also done much to expand our effectiveness in ministry. Camp has grown consistently with every major renovation, and we thank God for the privilege of being able to touch more lives for eternity.

Did You Know?

Camp Elim is committed to financial responsibility and stewardship of the resources God has given us. As with all of Camp's improvements, these projects will only be completed as God provides funding. That’s where you come in! Would you prayerfully consider being a part of the team that provides for these much needed improvements? As you are able, would you commit to a generous donation that would be used as seed money from which the full funding would grow? We are hoping to have the Picnic Pavilion completed and the Cottage addition started for summer 2019, but we can’t do it without you!

Your gift is fully tax-deductible and, for Colorado residents, qualifies for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit which has been extended through 2024! Every $100 you donate to Camp Elim may reduce your Colorado income tax bill by $50!

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Springs Lodge2.png

In the early 1990’s two duplexes were built to house adult staff and guests. In 2000, Camp’s Chapel was built allowing the focal point of the summer programs to move from the basement of the Lodge to a beautiful and functional new centerpiece of Camp.

In 2008 Camp’s staff and board of directors worked toward the vision of “Equipping Today and Ensuring Tomorrow.” Existing facilities were in great need of an upgrade. Gaining ownership of the land that had been leased for so many years became a priority.