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Aerial view of Camp Elim

Board Members

Camp Elim is blessed to have an amazing board comprised of seven men dedicated to the prosperity of Camp Elim's ministry.  Each one serves faithfully, developing vision and strategy for the future of Camp, and encouraging the full-time staff through every season.

Photo of Camp Elim's board of directors
Photo of Brian Michaux

Brian Michaux

Brian Michaux joined the Board in 2004 and currently serves as its Chairman. Brian grew up coming to Camp Elim as a camper and later as a volunteer staff member. He works in the human resources department of Discover Goodwill.

Photo of Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson was a camper in 1960, the first summer Camp Elim operated, and he later joined the Board in 1975. He works as a contractor and attends Grace Chapel in Englewood, where he is also a leader in their international outreach mission.

Photo of Courtney Hemenway

Courtney Hemenway

Courtney Hemenway joined the Board in 1995. He works as a ground water engineer and serves as a deacon at Holly Hills Bible Church in Denver.

Photo of Jay Brady

Jay Brady

Jay Brady joined the Board in 2018. Jay has been a stalwart supporter and servant of Camp Elim for decades, and even served as Camp Director from 1997-2003. He works with Lewis & Roth Publishers, and serves at Heart of the Springs Church.

Photo of Darrell Ray

Darrell Ray

Darrell Ray came to Camp Elim as a child, and first placed his trust in Jesus Christ at Camp Elim! He joined the Board in 2012. He works as a contractor and attends Littleton Bible Chapel.

Photo of Nate Ayres

Nate Ayres

Nate Ayres grew up coming to Camp, and later joined the Board in 2012. He works in IT and serves as an elder at Orchard Bible Chapel.

Photo of Danny Doerksen

Danny Doerksen

Danny Doerksen is a former staff member at Camp Elim and joined the board of directors in early 2020.

Photo of Kent Wilsoni

Kent Wilson was involved with Camp Elim every year since it was founded.  Sadly, Kent passed away June 2017, though we rejoice because we know he is with the Lord.  Kent was a visionary leader who helped Camp to grow and prosper for many years and his friendship is sorely missed.  

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